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In just a few years of work on Russian TV channel "Psychology 21", we’ve been lucky enough to talk to and interview many international teachers, psychologists, coaches, practitioners of various religious and spiritual traditions, who have visited Russia with their teachings and seminars.

Michael Roach

I think money is like fire …sometimes you can burn your ass and sometimes you can cook your dinner. So money is not bad, greed is bad errr but to have money if I have money I can pay the refugees, if I don’t have money those books are lost err forever for everybody so money can be… money by itself is not a bad thing. It’s how do you use it. I’m just lucky because I’ve never attracted to big things, I don’t need big things, I have a very small place to live. I lived for 25 years in a room I can touch the walls, you know. I lived in this room, I paid 75 dollars a month errr it’s another person’s house and I live in this room so I personally I don’t have attraction to money errr but I get a lot and I use it I use it to help people.

… can you be business person and can you spiritual person…
…if you can be both together it’s best, it’s great, you know, and it’s very possible, everybody can do, If you have strong spiritual life but you don’t have any money then you can’t help other people very big not like what we are doing and errr if you just have money and no spiritual life then your life has no meaning. You know, when you die it’s all finished.

Veet Mano

Well, in every role they’re releasing emotions and the big problem is their emotions are stuck so in this position people like in this case playing the mother and the father, you know, they just came off the street today, they’re becoming to the class and they’re getting the role of how to express back when being attacked or something I didn’t do so they they were playing the role of mother and father. They weren’t mother and father but they gets connected into the situation where somebody is angry at you if there is something actually that you didn’t do, whatever able to let their emotion back.
So it’s the way the technics are designed, each position the person is moving energy and expressing out. So, as I understand, the world of emotional therapy, we need like many many good technics, a big variety of technics because we need technics for the whole world to be able to clean the emotion.
You know, plus some physical things, when someone is getting multiple sclerosis, that’s connected to suppressed emotions, any other immune disease so I get people who have like arthroses in the legs, sometimes grandmother here and we get them with that inner emotion and get them in the right diet…

Carla Hannaford

What’s happening is they’re using everything, especially, they are using their hands, because they’re using them to climb, and the feet. So, they’re climbing, and if you look at the brain, study the brain, the mapping of the brain, you see that there’s a huge area of the brain right here that has to do with their hands. And this is our most complex organ on the body. It takes twenty years to fully develop our hands! And our feet are also very.. there are a lot of nerve endings that have to do with our feet. And so they’re taking in the world, you know, when they’re climbing that tree, they’re taking in and understanding the world. And, then, the more strength they get here, then when they hold a tool, you know, to write, they’re ready.
And we know that ah children develop… mentally are not ready, for instance, the eyes do not track until the certain areas of brain is on, and.. so, asking them to read before about the age of six and a half or seven is difficult for them, it’s hard for their system. And then they end up with myopia, with having to wear glasses
And we have an idea that pushing them in technology, pushing them to do different things.. err.. then they’ll be smarter. Bu that’s not true! We have a big study showing that ahh children that have had computers, that have worked on computers early - which are very linear, there are zeros and ones, it’s extremely linear - they have a very hard time being creative

Juan Carlos Monje

it’s a methodology for that allow us to explore the stress memories that are holding on the body and then create dysfunctional behaviors or dysfunctional activities. So those behaviors could be behaviors I mean between person but sometimes we are also talking about posture, we are talking about pain in the body or problems in the health, in the organs of clients.

We have a methodology that allow us to explore that. And see OK how this memory creating a perturbation and then the methodology that allow us to release the memory and the stress in that area.
Because when you release the tension, the stress then the body has the resources to heal themselves.


I make seminars for for women and this current seminar I’m working with is called ‘trust in your nature’ and this is a very important message for women. Errr not just trusting in the beauty, not just trusting in what they do but how they do it. So working with the principle that we that each woman is the expression of the feminine source. And we are also expression of the Earth, our bodies energetically and physically made up from the matter of the earth. And I feel feminine principle. And the principle is get the woman routed, so routed in her body. Another words, there’s a sense of her feeling for whole body all the way through the feet and actually deeper than the feet into the earth. So there’s a sense of errr channel. So that her body when she walks she doesn’t just feel like she is up in a hit thinking trying to direct her life in more mental way and living for more psychological way but actually that is a walking channel of life force and that she is connected to that deep channel that runs naturally, cosmic, physical, energetic and orgasmic energy that comes up through the earth. That kundalini gives the flowers, life, the trees, life. That a woman gets rerouted in her nature – back physically and energetically through the structure of her body and into the earth. And to get that channel, she’s like a tree, basically that’s her nature, she’s like a walking tree. So if you look at the trunk of her body there’re openings all the way down through the viguana channel through the womb and then there’s the energetic opening – the heart, then there’s the physical opening of throat and the vocal cords, then the mouth and then the energetical channel. And when that channel is actually open because she is actually the embodiment of love, that’s really the principle of being feminine is. She is the embodiment of love.

Max Schupbach

Well, first I have to say, we’re using a social technology, called deep democracy of process work, front work, which is basically the idea that we live in a more diverse and complex society that is going through a global transformation in terms of more stake holders, more groups that always have been present and always have an influence, want more of an influence. So, how to approach the use in all kinds of situations where suddenly more stake holders than in the past are being involved. And we try to facilitate a kind of a dialogue or relationship that is needed so these parts can collaborate better together.

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