Broken Dance

Atmospheric trailer about Cambodia/Music Video

What if you were born in the body of a little girl, who's family live in a distant, tropical country on a vast lake? All of your existence is governed by the realms of water and stone, in a country with a huge cultural heritage, having survived terrible events of an inhuman political regime...

What does it mean to be a Cambodian girl?
Our project "Broken Dance" is a small ethnographic observation, executed in the format of a music video that aims to enable the western viewer to delve both into the ancient "spirit" and the modern atmosphere of the colourful and mysterious country of Cambodia.

Broken Dance video

The film "Broken Dance" - participant of international festivals, the owner of 2 prizes:

  1. Best Music Video – Porto7 Film Festival (Porto, Portugal)
  2. Special Mention – FARCUME - Faro´s International Short Films Festival (Faro, Portugal)
  3. SILA FESTIVAL (San Pietro Magisano, Italy) – official competition
  4. 14th Arouca Film Festival (Arouca, Portugal) – official competition
  5. Kingston Film Festival (New York, USA) – official competition
  6. Great Lakes International Shorts Festival (USA) – official competition
  7. MusiCanZone (Cesena, Italy) – official competition

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Duration - 7'27 minutes

Format - Full HD




Special thanks to:

Dr. Clare Hill

and all People of Cambodia

Xenia Kuleshova

Konstantin Vihrev-Smirnov
Ekaterina Lu Tolkacheva

Film Director:
Konstantin Vihrev-Smirnov

Assistant Director:
Ekaterina Lu Tolkacheva

Directors of Photography:
Evgenia Lapteva
Alena Polosuhina

Evgenia Lapteva

Albert Alba Sultanov

Color Corrector:
Alexey Neretin

Denis Maltov
Maxim Muromcev

Clare Hill