Beyond the Senses

Midway through September 2015, Channel Psychology21 aired an eight-part documentary series titled “Beyond the senses”.

The main character – a privileged Russian woman – Xenia, having dabbled in many of life’s materialistic joys, feels that her life is artificial and meaningless.

Following the advice of her friends, Xenia heads to Burma – to this day one of the only Buddhist countries where the ancient Theravada tradition still remains. A Tradition of inner peace, calm, mindfulness and spiritual strength

Venerable monks, a psychotherapist from Sweden, friends and the entire film crew try to assist the heroine in her search for the meaning of life.

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Group companies Netsuke

MAMAKI Productions

Author and presenter:
Xenia Kuleshova

Film Director:
Arnold Giskin

Directors of Photography:
Evgenia Lapteva
Irina Uralskaya

Film editor:
Evgenia Lapteva

Xenia Kuleshova
Arnold Giskin

Filming location:
Myanmar (Burma)