Under the Microscope

A documentary series on the works of a psychotherapist with a client

Our heroine is Natasha - a young Russian woman living in a small provincial town. She is a seemingly successful radio DJ. As she gets older, she feels that she needs to change something in her life, to start doing something new and meaningful. She accepts an invitation from a TV producer to participate in a show. Her job would be to work on herself, on camera, with British coach and therapist, Clare Hill.

She travels to Ellemford, Scotland, where living in a country house, the heroine plunges into intimate work.

The ten-part documentary series - "Under the Microscope"- devotes itself to a complex but inspirational search for one’s own truth and voice within.

Modern man, commonly, does not adhere well to changes. Nonetheless, life goes on and it is essential for the consciousness to keep up with these changes. With that, it is important to give yourself time for regular inner work, so that you can assess yourself over and over again, revisiting your dreams, your values. This work is done in order to find that strength in the depths of your soul to create and manifest your ideas, thus bringing them into the world.

Our heroes are a psychotherapist from Great Britain - Claire Hill, and Natasha - a journalist from Russia.

Natasha complains about one of the most frequent psychological symptoms of Western civilisation - a loss of enthusiasm, strength and a sense of being ‘stuck’ in life. Claire invites Natasha to Scotland for an intensive ten-day therapeutic course.

In the first days, Claire sees that Natasha undervalues herself, her inner world and her ideas. During the work process, Claire understands that this is all due to the strong influence of certain impeding social norms, which rule Natasha’s environment.

Gradually, through communication with Claire and through the process of her inner work, Natalia begins to realise these obstacles, finding the inner confidence to challenge them.

In addition to the main theme, Claire and Natasha’s work will focus on such topics as:

• Strength and violence; the ability to defend one's position whilst listening to others;

• Inner work - what is it? How does it feel to "connect with oneself"? How, with the help of children's dreams and chronic symptoms, it is possible to access the subconscious and reignite the connection of our life path with our deepest dreams;

• Attitudes towards breakdowns, obstacles and failures;

• Attitudes towards age and especially old age; attitudes towards death, how death can teach us to love life;

• How to be a woman in a modern society. Freedom to be yourself; Relationships between men and women

One of the main skills that Claire teaches is to trust a person, their process, their inner strength and their wisdom. Contrary to popular belief, psychologists do not have a specific plan on how one should develop their individuality. The psychologist looks for an opportunity to trigger an inner dialogue, hoping that the client will hear the voice of the self and gain confidence in the existence of their inner truth. This approach allows the client to consider themselves a person deserving every respect whilst embodying a mysterious calling; the disclosure of which will constitute the meaning of their life.

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A Production by order of STREAM TV Company (Psychology21).

"Psychology 21" is a 24-hour satellite (digital) channel dedicated to human consciousness. The channel mainly focuses on human psychology, the relationship with oneself, others and society. The channel offers help to return to the core - to oneself, one’s inner well-being, to adjust one’s own circumstances, so as not to become a victim to endless conformities, often a meaningless struggle to attain formal external signs of success.

Xenia Kuleshova

Executive Producer:
Evgenia Lapteva

Directors of Photography:
Evgenia Lapteva
Alena Polosuhina
Demid Malyuga

Sound Operator:
Rasim Gasimov

Film Editor:
Evgenia Lapteva

Marina Makarova

Olga Shaldova
Xenia Milyukova
Daria Teitelbaum

Story Editor:
Ksenia Adamovich

Xenia Kuleshova
Evgenia Lapteva
Xenia Adamovich
Rashid Aytuganov

Svetlana Stasenko

General Producer:
Xenia Kuleshova

Anastasia Fedoseeva
Pavel Vysotsky

Filming location:
Ellenford, Scotland