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These interviews are devoted to American pioneers and researchers of the human consciousness. The program was filmed for a Russian educational TV channel. Through the interviews we hoped to create a dialogue about deeper questions and life challenges that the Russian television audience faces. We talk here about love, death, spirituality, transformation...
01. Michael Murphy, Dulce Murphy #1
02.Michael Murphy, Dulce Murphy #2
03. Don Hanlon Johnson #1
04. Don Hanlon Johnson #2
05. Jim Garrison #1
06. Jim Garrison #2
07. Roger Walsh, Frances Vaughan #1
08. Roger Walsh, Frances Vaughan #2
09. Roger Walsh, Frances Vaughan #3
10. Chungliang Al Huang #1

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These 27 interviews are 26 min each (For legal reasons, we can only post half of the series on the website for the moment. Be patient…the rest is coming!) They were filmed in California USA, Aug 2013, for the Russian TV channel "Psychology 21".

Filming location:
California, USA