A series of documentary projects, dedicated to the facilitation of social tensions in various parts of the world

Groups, like living organisms, have their own path, own goals, own destiny, birth and death. Living through harsh times, they become closer and find meaning, becoming communities.

After conflicts, there often lies a new wisdom ... Conflicts are inevitable, but the way in which we live through them – is a choice and an art. When shooting films on facilitation, we dream of a greater understanding of one another. We dream that in the future, facilitation will become an instrument, a tool of our everyday life.

A 1,5 minute video clip "The intro to Worldwork"

This trailer is based on "The intro to Worldwork" documentary by Paul McIsaac, filemed in Washington DC 1999.

​Open Forum in Switzerland

June 9, 2016

"Refugees in Switzerland: Chances and Limits for our Society”

Facilitators: Elke Schlehuber and Reini Hauser

Conflict Facilitation

A two-minute video clip on conflict facilitation. Speakers : Dr. Max Shupbach and Dr. Ellen Shupbach.

Kiev - Moscow Bridge 2014

Interview with Dr. Max Schupbach (USA), President and seminar leader of Deep Democracy International Institute. This Interview was recorded after facilitating a group meeting with Russian and Ukrainian communities. In this interview Max shares his vision on facilitation results. 30-minute video.

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Facilitation (from Eng. facilitate -. To assist, facilitate, promote). It can be used as psycological instrument for community building, conflict resolurion, decision making and other group tasks. Facilitator makes a process easier by helping group members become aware of the feelings they hold for one another, assisting a group in thinking deeply about its assumptions, beliefs, and values and about its systemic processes. He or she can also form a group of people into a collaborative team supporting consensus and uses a range of processes to enable the group to accomplish their tasks.

Worldwork is a group facilitation method developed by Dr. Arnold Mindell and colleagues. It helps to resolve problems and enrich community experience. Worldwork facilitators listen to the land, do inner work, practice communication skills involving role consciousness, signal and rank awareness. Worldwork has been successfully applied to the analysis of, and work with multicultural and multileveled groups, Aboriginal communities, universities, small and large international organizations, city hot spots, in corporations and world conflict zones.

Filming and Editing:
Evgenia Lapteva

Xenia Kuleshova