Irina Uralskaya

irector of photography, having shot 36 documentaries, 8 commercial films with over 100 ranging subjects for various film magazines and television programs.


Project: Seek the Light

Myanmar (Burma). 2014-2015
Together with the Burmese monks we make the journey into Myanmar and, at the same time, this journey leads us to the basic principles of Burmese Buddhism.

Project: Beyond the Senses

Myanmar (Burma). 2014-2016
Midway through September 2015, Channel Psychology21 aired an eight-part documentary series titled “Beyond the senses”.The main character – a privileged Russian woman – Xenia, having dabbled in many of life’s materialistic joys, feels that her life is artificial and meaningless. Following the advice of her friends, Xenia heads to Burma – to this day one of the only Buddhist countries...

Project: Heart of Myanmar

London (UK), Myanmar
This documentary is based on an interview with Dr. Venerable Ashin Nyanissara, a great Buddhist teacher, an author and organizer of various charitable projects in Myanmar.