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Mamamki* Productions - is the project specializes in documentary films, videos and television programs devoted to our multicultural world, the ancient spiritual traditions, human development.

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*In the tantric tradition of Buddhism, Mamaki is the female image of the wisdom of equanimity, inherent in the mind of the Buddha. 
Equanimity does not mean that everything has been reduced to a dreary sameness. Mamaki’s is not a bleached-out world in which you cannot distinguish one thing from another. But it does mean that her attention is focused on what is common to all human beings, all life. We can understand this on different levels. On the highest level, Mamaki vividly experiences the emptiness of all phenomena. On a more everyday level it means that she is aware of the commonality of experience of living beings. In Buddhist practice, this wisdom manifests itself in the ability to perceive oneself and all others as equal, to see and rely upon the dignity of others, to be open to the successes of others, which in turn enables rapid learning and a harvesting of useful experiences. 

The tantric practice focuses on the transformation of one’s own everyday perception. Thereafter, all arising situations, all disturbing emotions become the source of wisdom. The wisdom of equanimity occurs during a transformation which excludes pride.