CAN YOU HEAR? Documentary with Alexander Girshon

Can You Hear is both a dance-musical and philosophical documentary in which we talk with Alexander about his journey, personal experiences, learnings from recent years, and the principles of his work with the body and movement. We will savor the dancing, listen to his poems and immerse ourselves in what cannot be expressed in words.

We will also witness a therapeutic session for three clients led by Alexander. The first client struggles to accept her age. The second is creative, but to her losing control seems like a catastrophe. The third wrestles with her inner critic. These themes, however, do not affect these women only; we believe that they will resonate with many viewers too. 

We recommend that you watch our film on a large screen with stereo sound. We guarantee you tremendous aesthetic pleasure as we chose to film in the most picturesque and stunning locations off the coast of Portugal, along the Atlantic Ocean. 

This film is originally in Russian, but we have included English closed captions for your convenience. Click the CC button on the media player's timeline to enable them.

CAN YOU HEAR? Duration 71 min.
Alexander Girshon is a renowned psychologist and dancer with over 30 years of experience in dance improvisation and movement therapy. 

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