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Introducing the Sacred Dancers of Angkor - a talented and dedicated troupe of young dancers born in the shadows of the temples, trained in the first ever rural dance and music conservatoire.

The mission of the Sacred Dancers of Angkor is to protect, promote and perpetuate the most delicate art of Khmer Ballet and music - as if coming out of the rocks themselves - fitting to be the intangible support of the tangible magnificence of the wonders of Angkor.

Dancers of Angkor training in the heart of the Khmer cultural heritage

Duration - 7 min

Ritual for Peace

Duration - 2 min

Dawn Ritual

Duration - 2 min

Candle Ritual

Duration - 5 min

The River of Thousand Lingas

Duration - 3 min.

Connecting with her Temple

Duration - 4 min

A Dream Come True

Duration - 2 min

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia, in the south of the Indochinese Peninsula. In 1975, the country came under the rule of the "Khmer Rouge", led by Pol Pot. A socialist’s way of life was introduced to Cambodia, in turn bringing mass genocide to the people of the country (peasants, artisans, aristocrats, monks). In just a few years, three million of the population were murdered. Some time ago, Pol Pot’s regime was overthrown. The country and its people are gradually recovering, recalling their arts, traditions, culture and faith…

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