HEAR. SEE. SENSE. FEEL ALIVE. Documentary with Reini Hauser and Ekaterina Skvortsova

This film explores the courage to speak up when everything seems against it. In 2022, many personal relationships, even among the closest family members, were jeopardized. They were put on hold and paused... We banned people on social media and within our own families because it was too painful to continue the conversation or it seemed too frustrating. 

However, this may also be the time to do our "inner homework." Work with a therapist, a coach, or a mentor. Get a glimpse inside, get to know our inner selves in a safe and supportive space. Admit something that is hard to articulate, hear something that we wouldn't normally listen to, and share in other people's pain. It's a time to reinvent and live out our deepest dreams that have been put away for too long. 

Process-oriented psychologists Reini Hauser and Ekaterina Skvortsova from Switzerland work with Russian and Ukrainian clients and conduct an online Open Forum to sustain the dialogue when speaking up and listening to the other side is hard.

Special thanks to Vlad Sakovich for organizing and co-facilitating the online Open Forum. We are grateful that events like these are taking place in Russia, allowing for the continuation of this dialogue and the open exchange of opinions, serving as an antidote for autocracy.

* Watching this movie may not be easy. Please, take care of yourself. If you feel your voice is left unheard and your story has not been told, we want to support you. Please, find a chance to share your situation with someone you trust.

** Some of the people featured in this film speak Russian. For your convenience, we've added closed captions in English. To activate them, press CC on the media player timeline.


About Master:
Reini Hauser

Open forums are public gatherings, aimed at the development of social dialogue, an attempt to answer polarizing questions, an aim to unite different people and viewpoints. This space is meant for people to listen, agree or disagree, to support direct non-violent interaction. Open forums direct our attention to the necessity of establishing relationships between people, who belong to opposing sides of a problem; this can be done through understanding the experience of the other and thus – to decrease mutual hostilities. The methodology of open forums was developed in detail by the American Ph.D. Arnold Mindell. The facilitator’s main focus is to help the world know itself better, not to seek change.

Open forums are some of the most potent and ancient forms of dialogue. It is a free platform between “truth” and “untruth”, the “right” and “wrong”, the “bad” and “the good”, “us” and “the enemy”, a platform where everyone involved can share his or her thoughts, emotions, pain, aggression, suppression, joy, anger, gratitude. All of this will naturally allow the group to express diverse opinions and voices, to find points of tension and polarization, go through the conflicts to become closer to one another and move on in life. Open forums allow the groups to undertake effective inner work. And of course, moderating an open forum requires special mastery from the facilitator.

To find out more about conducting open forums, we advise you read A. Mindell’s book THE DEEP DEMOCRACY OF OPEN FORUMS

Shooting location:
Switzerland, Zurich

August, 2022

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