Reini Hauser

Reini Hauser - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), psychologist, therapist, psychotherapist, member of the Swiss Association of Psychotherapists, a certified process oriented psychotherapist, Head of the Research Society for Process-Oriented Psychology (Switzerland).

Reini Hauser has 25 years of experience in therapeutic and teaching fields in different countries: individual, family and group psychotherapy, organizational consulting, team building training, workshops and seminars and supervision. He is a Fellow of the Society of process-oriented psychology and a certified trainer of the Portland Processwork Clinic, USA.



duration 53 min.

Interview with Reini Hauser and Ekaterina Skvortsova about the “Open Forum” (group work format)

Duration 46 min.
Zurich (Switzerland), 2022

Open Forum. Refugees. Possibilities and Limitations of Swiss Society

Duration 21 min.
St. Gallen, Switzerland, 2016

An Open Forum where psychologists and facilitators Reini Hauser and Elke Schlehuber help town citizens and representatives of two political parties discuss their concerns regarding opening up the town to migrants.

Project: OPEN FORUM. Refugees. Possibilities and Limitations of the Swiss Society

Switzerland, Locremis. 2016

Please watch the documentary about the so-called “open forum”, or a town hall, which was moderated by psychologist-facilitators Reini Hauser, Elke Schlehuber. In this Open Forum citizens of the swiss town Locremis, are discussing their differences with regard to the question of open...

Project: HEAR. SEE. SENSE. FEEL ALIVE. Documentary with Reini Hauser and Ekaterina Skvortsova

Switzerland, Zurich. August, 2022

This film explores the courage to speak up when everything seems against it. In 2022, many personal relationships, even among the closest family members, were jeopardized. They were put on hold and paused... We banned people on social media and within our own families because it was too...


Zurich. August 2022
Back in 2016, we filmed an open town hall in Switzerland, where, with the help of psychologists, town citizens discussed their concerns about opening the city to migrants. We were impressed by the work of the facilitators and became witnesses to a beautiful process when the group came to unity...