An interview with the American psychologists, the founders of the process-oriented school of psychology and well-known authors – Amy and Arnold Mindell. They invited us to their home in Yachats, Oregon. Our meeting with Arnie and Amy was dedicated to the psychology of creativity.

Amy and Arny work together as a team, teaching, doing townhall meetings, and working on conflict resolution and organizational development projects for small and large businesses, cities, Aboriginal communities, and governments.  They worked with the United Nation’s UNESCO teaching conflict and open forum facilitation.

They are avid researchers, and love skiing, running and hiking. They reside part of the year in Portland Oregon, where they give classes at the Processwork Institute with many other colleagues. They live part of the year on the Oregon coast where they do residential seminars and watch whales. They have traveled around the world to work in many many countries 40 times.

Dr. ARNOLD MINDELL, or Arny,  is known for his development of the “Dreambody” and “Process Work” (process oriented psychology).
He is the author of 23 books in over 35 languages.
Dr. AMY MINDELL  helped developed process work in the areas of coma, creativity, dance, and facilitator styles.
She has written many books.  Amy is also an artist, puppet-maker, singer-songwriter, and dancer. Her most recent musical CD is called, First Bloom.
Interview with Arnold and Amy Mindell «Tao of Creativity». 2017. Duration - 60 min.

Process-oriented psychology - is a multi-level awareness practice as well as a trans-disciplinary approach supporting individuals, relationships, and groups to discover themselves.
Processwork grew out of Arny Mindell’s studies in Physics at M. I. T., and psychology at the Jung Institute in Zurich, and Amy’s studies in dance and theater, as well as their contacts with indigenous and modern peoples the world over.

Shooting location:
USA, California


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