CAN YOU HEAR? Documentary with Alexander Girshon
Add new project and add new video in project "CAN YOU HEAR? Documentary with Alexander Girshon"! Can You Hear is both a dance-musical and philosophical documentary in which we talk with Alexander about his journey, personal experiences, learnings from recent years, and the principles of his work with the body and movement. We will savor the dancing, listen to his poems and immerse ourselves in ...
Duration 71 min.
Add new project and add new video in project "OPEN FORUMS. INTERVIEW AND DEMONSTRATION."! Back in 2016, we filmed an open town hall in Switzerland, where, with the help of psychologists, town citizens discussed their concerns about opening the city to migrants. We were impressed by the work of the facilitators and became witnesses to a beautiful process when the group came to unity through...
Open Forum. Refugees. Possibilities and Limitations of Swiss Society
Duration 21 min.
St. Gallen, Switzerland, 2016

An Open Forum where psychologists and facilitators Reini Hauser and Elke Schlehuber help town citizens and representatives of two political parties discuss their concerns regarding opening up the town to migrants.
HEAR. SEE. SENSE. FEEL ALIVE. Documentary with Reini Hauser and Ekaterina Skvortsova
Add new video in project "HEAR. SEE. SENSE. FEEL ALIVE. Documentary with Reini Hauser and Ekaterina Skvortsova"!

This film explores the courage to speak up when everything seems against it. In 2022, many personal relationships, even among the closest family members, were jeopardized. They were put on hold and paused... We banned people on social media and within our own families because it was too painful ...

Add new video in project "CITY VOICES"! The documentary project City Voices is a theatrical improvisation on social topics with facilitator Elena Margo. In our project, the theater stage is not taken by actors, it is open to the audience, with their personal experience, questions, search and struggle. Where the culmination will ...
Episode 4. How to be the change that is missing in the world?
Duration - 40 minutes. Moscow, January 2022.
Add new project and add new video in project "I AM... AN ILLUSION?"!

Documentary series.

A story about losing and finding oneself. "...I am 43 years old; my children have grown up... Who am I, besides a mother and a wife?"

Xenia - is a Russian woman who has devoted herself to her family, but as her children are getting older, most of her duties as...

Chapter 7. My first steps

In recent decades, western public views on women’s role in society have changed rapidly; women are less held back by patriarchic obligations, are allowed to be who they are. It is for sure a relief; at the same time a challenge, it makes women face new questions. “What are my talents and strengths? How do I transform my limitations into something helpful, inspiring?". Myanmar helps our heroes to understand that the very opportunity to question one's life path is already a privilege. Xenia continues to use this chance to have deep conversations with monks, practice meditation and work with Reini. Reini helps her interpret an important clue from her dream.

“In an interview, I feel really connected, very intense. All my attention goes to the person, I am interviewing. I almost lose where it’s you or me... We become One. You know? It feels almost like …” Xenia

Chapter 6. My Taste of Life.

A new day of travel begins, new questions arise... "What is my true abundance, apart from material values?  What can I share with other people?" Reini helps Xenia understand that her ability to see beauty in others and admire other people's life paths is not her weakness but a gift. If she wants, she can share it, even in a professional field.

Xenia sees that the "cage of the rational mind" isn’t an issue.  If the "mind" is caught up and she doesn’t know what to do next, her body knows.

You may be a businessperson, you may be rich, but at the same time, you must practice, to do loving-kindness meditation, do good things and speak nicely. Then you won't be arrogant, you will understand what the meaning of your life is. U Lokanata

Chapter 5. “My inner Observer”

After the meditation center, Xenia, along with monks and friends, continues to travel around Myanmar, studying Buddhism and the role of women in Burmese culture. But most of all, she is interested in the psychological sessions with Reini, during which she explores the very essence of her path. Reini helps Xenia to see how she blocks her spontaneity. He works, provokes, and plays with Xenia. Xenia is disappointed that, after all this time, she still cannot find herself. Reini is doing his best to help her see : Xenia is already, at this moment – herself. The insight comes during a dinner with friends.

I want to help you to discover your way and that you’re already going your way. It’s not somewhere in the future or the past or somewhere else. It’s always right now. You just need to notice: “Aha! I chose this, I do this!” Reini
Chapter 4: "I Am Overflowing"

Monks explain the basic concepts of Theravada Buddhism, Reini demonstrates his understanding of psychology, other people share their wisdom. But because Xenia can't hear herself, all this information is too overwhelming. Xenia's mind is overloaded, and she is blaming everyone around.

“And now I am here, and I want to go beyond the limits of my mind, beyond the consciousness. It is a big thing because I’m not an empty bottle. They filled me up with many things over the years. But to accept the teaching and true wisdom, I need to empty myself first.” One of the Yogini
Chapter 3. My concentration

Xenia and Dmitry’s wife Edita arrive at the women’s meditation center. Xenia is very anxious: will she be able to concentrate properly? She has heard that Burmese meditation techniques are strict and tough. Local monks keep postponing their meditation. Instead, they explain meditation techniques and give different worldly tasks to the heroines. The calm atmosphere of the meditation center helps women slow down, relax, and prepare for the practice...

“Meditation or enlightenment is only a skill. You practice something day after day. And eventually, you will be good at it.” Yogi
Chapter 2. My Inner Critic

In this chapter, we get to know Myanmar through the eyes of our heroes. But serene landscapes, the simple lives of local people and the everyday duties of young nuns do not bring peace to Xenia. Everything only exacerbates, reinforces her internal conflicts: "Maybe all these thoughts about paths and fate are an illusion?  Maybe they are just trendy western ideas, inspired by Hollywood movies?"

Chapter 1. Who Am I?

Who is Xenia, besides being a mother and a wife? Is that really all that she is capable of? Dmitry is a friend of Xenia’s, hopes that meditation and Buddhism will help her get through her crisis. He invites her to visit a Burmese monastery in London, to meet his old friend, a monk called U Lokonatha.
Add new project and add new video in project "INTERVIEW WITH MARILYN ATKINSON"! Marilyn Atkinson is the Founder of Erickson Coaching International and the originator of a well-known, comprehensive, Solution-Focused and Outcome-Oriented Coaching model. Her model has actively contributed to the emergence and expansion of Solution-Focused Psychology, and the development of Meta Program...
Interview with Marilyn Atkinson
2020-2021. Duration - 41 min.
Add new project and add new video in project "INTERVIEW WITH TAV SPARKS"! “He was a seeker of truth and the deeper mysteries of life and beyond.  And his devotion to this quest spoke to others. Tav always emerged as a guide to others on their own inner journeys. He was a brilliant teacher with an incredible mind. He wove magic into his work with self-deprecating humor,...
Interview with Tav Sparks
2018-2020. Duration - 23 min.
Add new video in project " INTERVIEW WITH STAN GROF"! Stanislav Grof, M.D., is a psychiatrist with over sixty years of experience in research of non-ordinary states of consciousness and one of the founders of transpersonal psychology.

Grof is known, for his "cartography" of the deep human psyche and breathing techniques for exploring non-ordinary ...
OPEN FORUM. Refugees. Possibilities and Limitations of the Swiss Society
Add new project "OPEN FORUM. Refugees. Possibilities and Limitations of the Swiss Society"!

Please watch the documentary about the so-called “open forum”, or a town hall, which was moderated by psychologist-facilitators Reini Hauser, Elke Schlehuber. In this Open Forum citizens of the swiss town Locremis, are discussing their differences with regard to the question of opening up the...

Add new project "KYIV-MOSCOW LIVE. March 2014"! This is a Skype live linkup, filmed at the start of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis by our colleagues from both countries. This was the time, when political events caught many old friends by surprise, dividing them and paving the way for growing misunderstanding. Despite this schism, our colleagues found...
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