What is HAPPINESS? This simple question caused the most intense arguments of philosophers, historians, academics and, of course, psychologists who study this complex phenomenon – what exactly brings a human being happiness? This theme interested us for quite some time. That’s why – when we found out that our friend, the composer and producer Stas Namin, is filming a joint Russian-American film about Happiness on Cuba, we decided to beg our way into the journey.

When we arrived on the Island, this project was born on its own, based on the simple yet genuine idea – to examine the theme of Happiness not through the intellectual, but through the sensual perspective, to interview Stas and the Cubans, who debunked our illusion on happiness having anything to do with material well-being or “success”. Then what is it connected to? What does it depend on? Watch and listen to our heroes for their thoughts on this mystery.

HAPPINESS. Interview with Stas Namin.

2018. Duration - 16 min
(with english subtitles)


Stas Namin

Xenia Kuleshova

Shooting location:


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