Ekaterina Lu Tolkacheva

Artist and Designer. In the world of film – Production designer, Makeup artist, Scriptwriter, director’s assistant. Ekaterina is the founder and artistic director of contemporary avant-garde theatre "Solar Wind". Lu grew up in an apartment literally soaked in creativity – a former workshop belonging to Arkhip Kuindzhi, where Illya Repin had painted his portrait.

The creative spirit of her artistic family, stemming from her grandfather, a famous Russian artist, fuels the talent and love for her art.

www.esproduction.ru, www.SolarWind.pro

Participation in projects:


Cambodia. 2015
Music Video.

What if you were born in the body of a little girl, who's family lives in a distant, tropical country on a vast lake? All of your existence is governed by the realms of water and stone, in a country with huge cultural heritage, having survived terribl...

Project: THE GIFT

Cambodia. 2015

Short Feature Film.

This film, shot in Cambodia, will touch any viewer, from any country, because it shows the remarkable characteristic of a human being - the ability to revive life. The film is about the healing of a deep trauma through love, prayer, and...