Konstantin Vihrev-Smirnov

Film Director, Screenwriter and

Producer. Upon graduating from law school, he went away to explore the

Himalayas. After returning from lengthy travels, decided to change his field of

work. Following his childhood dream and wishing to share all that he saw on his

journeys, became a film director. Since 2009, has been successfully actualizing

both independent and commercial projects related to cinematography, music and


Head of “Eclectic Sun Productions” studios, Director of "Solar Wind" Theatre Company.







Cambodia. 2015
Music Video.

What if you were born in the body of a little girl, who's family lives in a distant, tropical country on a vast lake? All of your existence is governed by the realms of water and stone, in a country with huge cultural heritage, having survived terribl...

Project: THE GIFT

Cambodia. 2015

Short Feature Film.

This film, shot in Cambodia, will touch any viewer, from any country, because it shows the remarkable characteristic of a human being - the ability to revive life. The film is about the healing of a deep trauma through love, prayer, and...