Peruquois was born in Australia, to a musical family. She received a classical jazz education, but after a rapid career rise, Peruquois decides to extend her titular of "just a singer". Upon meeting with a teacher, a Native American Indian, the world of sacred practices changed her life.

Peruquois spent ten years in the desert of New Mexico, studying voice work with him.

Thereafter she created her own unique training. Women's seminars and practices are vastly becoming more and more popular today. But there are very little vocal master classes: the master has to learn a lot and be capable of a lot, in order to teach a woman to open her voice, to teach her to cleanse herself of emotional blocks and traumas. This is done with the help of bypassing the mind, thus making it more effectively to activate a woman’s centres and disclosing the sensuality of a woman's body.

Peruquois is one of those rare masters.